Sometimes we just don’t feel right. We’re at war with ourselves.. between who we are and who we want to be. Sometimes there’s a lot of junk that goes on inside our head, and we don’t know what to do with it. That’s where I come in!

So what does working with a mindset coach really look like?

It looks like reflecting on the things in your life that have shaped you as a person. It looks like getting crystal clear on your daily thoughts and actions that are perpetuating this cycle. It looks like clearing the overwhelm, the confusion, and the giant pile of emotions, and turning them into useful pieces you can build with to bridge you to your next phase of life.

So once we get working, and talking, and clearing, then comes the pattern rebuild! We work to rebuild and create a thoughtful and actionable routine around your new goals. This may include lists, fear busting actionable steps, planning daily or special activities, or working to understand yourself and your relationships better through guided questioning.

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Two options on how we accomplish this..

This intensive will be broken down into two sessions. The first session will help you get super clear on exactly where you’re at. Homework will be provided. Then a follow up will be scheduled to create an action plan to foster clarity and transformation.

Over the duration of 3 months we will meet weekly to dig through your mindset and nail down your patterns. Each week you will be provided with homework to highlight old patterns and create new ones. This can be broken into two payments.