4 weeks. 20+ workouts. 360° transformation.

Challenge 360° is a program that is meant to take advantage of the physiological adaptation period that begins in the first 4-6 weeks of training. When we nail down our cardio, our resistance training, and our diet in the first 6 weeks of training, our results can be mind-blowing. During this phase of training our bodies undergo neuromuscular, bone, cardiovascular as well as aesthetic changes. 

In my four years of experience I have noticed that clients who see AMAZING results in the first 4-6 weeks are 90% more likely to continue training and hitting their future goals.

As for people who are already training, this serves as a plateau breaker and a SURGE of massive accountability and consistency, which are both HUGE factors in hitting your fitness goals if you haven't been making as much progress as you like.


So what do you say? Let's nail 4 weeks!

OUR NEXT ROUND is tenatively set for
October 15, 2018

***In order to keep all contestants on track, $5 will be charged for any workout that is missed. This requires VERY clear communication about your schedule throughout the challenge and beforehand so that classes are available for you during the entire duration. YOU MUST COMPLETE 5 60 MINUTE WORKOUTS PER WEEK. However, you are eligible to schedule more. 2-a-days and double sessions welcome.***

*Prize for winner and runner up (best before and after)
*20+ full customized 60-minutes small group workouts
*Taking ALL requests for opening new class times. These will NOT be open to non challenge members.
*Nutrition workshop and customized meal plan set up BEFORE we start.