Picture this...

You are woken up by your coach with her GoPro in hand (duh you're famous and people want to know your daily life.. BLOOPERS people). Your nikes and your sports bra are thrown at you, and you're told me downstairs in the kitchen in 5 minutes for breakfast. Your breakfast is MADE for you,  and suddenly you're fist pumping and swaying your hips back and fourth while you eat breakfast and listen to 8 mile's "lose yourself" while staring yourself in the mirror with your resting UNSTOPPABLE bitch face like "I'm gonna make this MONTH my bitch." You basically have WAR PAINT on your face on the INSIDE. 

You hit your 90 minutes of hardcore training that basically make you feel like Channing Tatum would want to LICK the sweat off your abs, maybe his hot girlfriend too after day two.

You retreat to the shower and shortly after you're finished you meet your coach ready to throw DOWN on your mindset. When you throw some breakthroughs her way she stands up and stares you in the face slightly unsatisfied and says, "NO.. let's PUSH." Labor meets mindset and you give birth to the mother of all breakthroughs for the first time this month. When your brain starts feeling a little mushy, you refuel with a delicious meal that tastes WAY too damn good to be healthy, but FUCK it is, because Katey Olivia is a fucking goddess, and she expects NOTHING less from you or for you.

You then realize it's your first adventure day. She recommends what to wear and you come sliding down the bannister of the stairs ready to crank up your experience. She drives you to your first challenge and when she stops the car, she turns towards you and lets her designer shades slide down her nose to reveal her eyes that convince you, you're about to be the most baddass mother fuckin millionaire this industry has ever seen and have a collection of AWESOME footage to prove it. *NO SPOILERS HERE*

On the drive home you're so fucking amped that you LIVE and bring in an additional 100k because your energetic vibration is so EPIC even Ellen is starting to tweet at you. You're buying yourself a ten thousand dollar watch to celebrate because you CAN.

Once you're home you focus on GROUNDING yourself back into reality with her at your side, and allow all the energy you just became BOSS at commanding through your veins surge back into your business.

You hit some client calls where you knock your clients on their asses with your spot on intuition and downloads, and then you're back at your own mindset. You spend a good two hours releasing a BUTT load of toxic emotional shit with plenty of tears, and then Katey hits you with an uplift.

After that pick me up you suddenly feel like you're light as a feather, and you're so at peace with yourself, your mind, your body, you finally feel at home.

You hit one more short session of sweat while she makes you chant how fucking hot and sexy you are the whole time. At this point, you know the world is yours.

After a long day of hard work you clink your fancy wine glasses full of sparkling water and talk about all the epic shit that went down, and how you're going to be a legend by the end of 30 days because you have NO fucking possible idea how to stop the magic flowing through your energy.

Katey smacks your ass as you skip off to bed dreaming of all the things that just flew into reach today.

The month has just begun.

3 payments of 7k or 20k in full