There is this WILD and BRILLIANT side of you that you are dying to unleash so that you can bend your mind to see the world and yourself in a completely different perspective. You want to fall dangerously in love with your mind as you rediscover what it means to bring LIFE and POWERFUL change to your deepest levels of consciousness.

You already..

-know how to journal your ass off
-Are familiar with several mindset techniques including meditation, affirmations & eft tapping
-understand the foundations and purpose of mindset work
-are hitting over 10k months in your business

You're BORED of the blocks you know you have & the work you're doing around them. You want to LIGHT it up, and watch it explode as you pull the curtain back on the darkest yet most magnificent part of your soul.

You really want to..

-flip your mindset work upside down and inside out with a fresh and exciting perspective.
-co-create your goals and dreams with someone who deeply understands you
-have a ninja on deck who can bitch slap your blocks and resistance as you continue to scale to 30k, 50k, 70k months and beyond.



Redesign & Amplify:

The One on One experience for the entrepreneur who wants to flip their mindset experience upside down and fall in love with a fresh perspective.


What's included in this co-creation adventure?

-4 months of vigilant one-on-one support via email.
-3 exhilarating adventure days with ME in the FLESH that bring life to your mindset journey
-12 co-creation mind bending one-on-one 45 minute calls.
-recordings of ALL of our conversations for reflection.
-weekly homework that continues to deepen your connection to yourself, your business, and your ability to blow open the gates to new levels of consciousness.

or 4 monthly payments of $1497

Is this experience for you? What will it require for maximum transformation?


-a prerequisite & intermediate understanding of mindset
-a commitment to 1-3 hours of homework a week minimum
-surrendering to the built in experiences that are designed to detonate comfort zones and reestablish a new level of normal.



"It was not until I got on the phone withthis chick named KATEY OLIVIA that I was like "fuck me, this bitch knows what people need to get it in their heads."  She is a smart, beautiful and phenomenal girl who we will be seeing in thespotlight in the entrepreneur space in more ways than one."    -Molly Sapp, Mindset Coach

"Katey is a stellar coach and person who creates results for herself, her clients, and those in her group. Katey knows how to dig deep, do the work, and createMASSIVE shifts. She’s a manifesting MAGNET, and helps her clients to do the deep work that allows them to manifest on a high-level as well. Katey is also relentless about working on her own stuff so that she can show up as the best version of herself for her clients and create a completely safe and open space for them. Katey comes across as a total ass-kicker (and she totally is) but she is so much more than that! She’s sensitive, loving, kind, and incredibly smart and incorporates all of this into her coaching. Anyone that works with Katey is bound to experience massive shifts andserious results!" 
Lacey Craig, Business Mentor & Success Coach

"Katey is unlike anyone I have ever met. Let me tell you right now that this girl knows her stuff. The first time I saw her (at a conference we both attended) I was instantly drawn to her. I awkwardly just walked right up to her and said hi because I HAD to. The first time we talked on the phone, literal MAGIC happened. And each Wednesday that I was set to talk to her, MAGICAL things would happen again. Before we even talked I was filled with electric energy and those were always my most productive days. She carries some sort of incredible energetic power with her that she clearly knows how to pour out to her clients in all the right ways. My sessions with Katey were always smooth and went by way too fast. I love that she was cool with the fact that I resist journaling and she recognized that my way of handling things was simply to talk them out. Of course she suggested other ways I could do my mindset work too but I was never scolded for just being ME and wanting to talk things through with her. She helped me to see myself and understand the way I deal with things in the a whole new light that I still reflect on. My favorite advice that I carry with me every day is "no stressing over things you have no control over." Thank you, Katey, for that reminder! My life is forever changed by working with Katey. Most definitely the smartest money I've ever spent. I love this girl to pieces and was truly heartbroken when our 12 weeks was up. I will be back for her, though, because she's THAT GOOD that I can't picture my life without her in it!!!" -Leanne Velky, CVENT Registrar