Classes are LARGER than small groups. They often have everyone do the same thing at the same time. They are a fun and more cost effective alternative if small group is not within your budget.


Hip Hop Tabata mixes dancing and circuits together!


Abs is a class that helps you learn to engage and tighten your core.

Our yoga classes are currently mixed level. Please let our instructor know before class if you are advanced. We pride ourselves on ambiance.


Cardio fat blast mixes together traditional cardio machines and plyometrics to burn an explosion of calories.


TRX (which stands for total resistance exercise) is a special tool that allows you to use your body weight as resistance to hit every muscle!


Pop Lock and Lift It is simple dance moves mixed with weight training. Perfect for spicing up boring lifting routines.


Booty bootcamp is body weight exercises and bands mixed together to grow and build your glutes!



3 Month Contract

One Time Pack