What is the sign up process like?
We have a NO PRESSURE policy. This means we only enter into a sales/membership conversation if you initiate it. If you come in for a free class or drop in class we often say, “let us know if you have any questions or how you feel tomorrow,” and give you our personal number. Please keep in mind that if you are a frequent drop in member, you can buy things like “packs” to save you money, and we will point this out to you.

Is Flex Force right for me?
Here at Flex Force our speciality is aesthetic training- meaning all our training revolves on you seeing a physical difference in your body as quickly as possible. Overall health is never compromised to do this. Although we do mix in strength training, the majority of our workouts focus on shredding body fat to achieve a tighter and more toned physique (for women). Our male clients do this as well but also like to add some muscle size usually which we do through a combination of diet and exercise. Positive side effects can also include more energy! Here at Flex Force we don't teach you how to diet. We teach you the science behind it all, and let you learn how to manipulate your diet for your goals without giving up the things you love to eat! Try a free session and see if it's right for you! 

Do you work with people who have injuries?
Yes, depending on the severity of your injuries or limitations, you might be a better fit for 1 on 1 than small group. Book a special intro through the contact form or start with the 5 pack intro here.

Do you offer other classes besides small group?
Yes check out our classes here.

What kind of shape do I need to be in in order to do small group?
Everyone starts exactly where they're at. We have a LOT of people come to us with little to NO experience with working out aside from cardio. We do prefer to know limiting conditions up front like joint pain, or join immobility, to make it easier for us to have a plan for you; however, EVERYTHING can be modified just for you to ensure you have a great workout.

What kind of shape do I need to be in order to do classes?
This completely depends on WHAT class. Our classes have a range of difficult levels and so it’s best to reach out directly to Katey and explain where you’re at so she can make a professional recommendation. Although everything can be modified, some classes are designed to get and keep your heart rate up and this can be a bit aggressive for beginners.

How do you keep track of progress?
We are HUGE progress trackers. We take your body fat, photos, weight, and we are proud to have a heart rate monitoring system that links to your very own heart rate monitor that tells you how many calories you burn during every workout, and how much you spend in the after burn zone, as well as fat burning zone! You can link your own bluetooth monitor (Apple and Fitbit are not compatible) or you can buy one through us for $60. This heart rate links to hundreds of apps outside of Flex Force as well!

How does small group training work?
Small group training involves people coming together to work out at the same time. Because our small groups are less than 8 you still get individualized program design and 1 on 1 attention with the added motivation and energy of a small group. It's also nice to work out with others but not have to worry about your best friend falling off the wagon! Sometimes we do circuit training, sometimes sets, sometimes german volume, ect. depending on your goal. Small group training is also more cost efficient than 1 on 1 training.

Where are you located?
We are located at 3 Hulme Ave FLOOR 2, Hulmeville PA 19047.

Do you offer private 1 on 1 training?
Yes. You can find the prices for that here.

How do I sign up?
Through each respective page. The buttons link you directly to our payment processing system. 

What is your cancelation & late policy for sessions?
If you cancel within 12 hours of your session you forfeit your session. If you contact us with your rescheduled time within the week, this can be avoided subject to openings. If you cancel within 3 hours there is a $7 dollar penalty fee. If you cancel within the hour or no call no show, there is a $10 dollar penalty fee on top of forfeiting your session. This is to keep communication strong between staff and clients. This also protects both of our time in addition to allowing other people that are on the wait list plenty of notice so they can take advantage of the session. If for any reason you think something might come up before a session is scheduled, please contact staff ASAP so they can do their best to accommodate. We understand that you are human, but we want to ensure the best accountability and dedication to this transformation process. If you will be late please contact staff. If you are more than ten minutes late regularly without permission from the instructor, your session will  be forfeited at the discretion of the instructor.

How does scheduling work?
Once you make a mindbody account, you can schedule small group and classes right through your account! 1 on 1 is done through direct contact with Katey. You can use the contact form to set that up!

How does payment work?
If you sign up for a month to month subscription or a contract, your payment will come out on the same day every month starting on the day you sign up. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade?
You can upgrade session frequency at any time and your following months payment will reflect the upgrade price. You can't downgrade in contract term. You can downgrade in session frequency for a penalty of $100.

Can I pause my membership?
You can pause your contracted membership without penalty for 50% of your monthly payment but will not be able to use sessions during that time. However, your already accrued sessions do roll over from month to month, and to your next contract should you decide to continue into another contract. You are NOT eligible to pause your membership if you are already on a sale membership. 

Do you do online work out and nutrition plans?
Yes! These programs can be completed at home OR at the gym! Send me a contact form for more details!

Do my sessions roll over from month to month?
Small group & 1 on 1 sessions DO roll over from month to month within your contract but are forfeited at the end of the contract unless you resign for another term. Classes roll over 60 days but are used in the order they are purchased. They do not roll over after the 30 day cancellation period.

What happens if I have to cancel my contract?
You can cancel any time during a contract; however, you will be responsible for 50% of the remaining balance and not be able to redeem your sessions. You can choose to pay this at the time of cancellation or in the same amount as your normal monthly installments until your balance is met. If you are on a month to month contract, you must give 30 days notice. During that time, one more payment will go through. You are eligible to come 30 days from the date of your final payment should you choose to! Your membership must be in good standing, (no bounced payments) in order to cancel.

What happens if my card on file is declined and I do not fix it?
If you have a contract, and you do not update your payment information, you will be responsible for the full balance of your membership. Upon completion of your contracted period, this will be sent to collections. In order to cancel a month to month membership your account must be in good standing. If your card declines you are responsible for all missed payments and the 30 day notice policy (one more payment). Your membership cannot be cancelled until it is in good standing. The missed payment balances will serve as service fees. Payment plans can also be set up.

Do you train sports teams?
Yes! Use the contact form to get a quote for strength and conditioning, winter workouts, ect.

What age do you have to be to workout at Flex Force Training?
We train people of all different ages. Small group programs start at age 12, and we currently have clients that range from there to 70!